Making salads delicious everywhere.  #fresh #yum
  • olivegardenMaking salads delicious everywhere. #fresh #yum

  • ellenparrotsDarn wish you were in Holland too!!
  • jonim31Yummy! !
  • reedusforeverAre there any dishes made at each restaurant fresh? Or are things made somewhere then shipped to the restaurant frozen?
  • olivegarden@reedusforever Thanks for your questions! Our meals are freshly prepped & prepared in our restaurants every day!
  • reedusforeverWell my husband and I went for lunch a few weeks ago and he ordered something with onions in it. He asked the waitress for no onions and she said the onions and peppers came together in a bag
  • olivegarden@reedusforever This is upsetting to hear. Can you send us an email at so we can learn more about your visit? We'd like to know your location and the dish you requested changes to. Thanks!
  • olivegarden@whoritos We have a few locations in Canada! You can search for your nearest location on our website.
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