This statue creeps me out. However, every time we go to the Food Co-op, Phoebe rushes over into its cold metallic embrace & explores it's grooves with her soft little hands. And isn't that how God's grace is? As adults we see flaws and sins in others' lives; we get disgusted; we want to keep the people we deem "grotesque" at arms length, lest their flaws rub off on us. We shun our lepers. But God's kingdom rushes into our broken hearts, it rushes in like a child, touching all our twists and knots; God loves us with the unabashed, unreserved love of a little child. He unravels us and puts us back together: redeemed, purified, made whole. And I can't help but think these words, over & over: "He who is forgiven much, loves much;" (paraphrase of Luke 7:47).
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