Congratulations, Sean! You are this week's #FiveGuys Friday Fanatic! #FiveGuysFanatic
  • fiveguysCongratulations, Sean! You are this week's #FiveGuys Friday Fanatic! #FiveGuysFanatic

  • moops07@five_guys Good on ya, Sean. Hey Five Guys, when will the milk shakes be back in Springfield, IL? Thanks
  • fiveguys@moops07 We follow the philosophy of focusing on a few items, and serving them to the best of our ability. We do not alter our menu on a regular basis, but we do take customer feedback into consideration. We are testing a milkshake in select stores in the New York/NJ market in 2014. We may test items from time to time in certain areas, but you can guarantee it will only be tested if it is the highest quality product possible and will only be available in all of our stores if it truly fits the Five Guys experience.
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