"We spend one penny of the U.S. taxpayer dollar on everything that we do... in the State Department and USAID." -Secretary Kerry today on the @StateDept #budget
  • statedept"We spend one penny of the U.S. taxpayer dollar on everything that we do... in the State Department and USAID." -Secretary Kerry today on the @StateDept #budget

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  • maxxmercogliano@andreykhrapov don't embarrass yourself here. 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
  • andreykhrapov@president_maxx give me your Skype at least, an you'll know, why you shouldn't conflict with Russians 😂😂
  • maxxmercogliano@andreykhrapov id rather jump rope with my intestines. Call me in 5 years when Russia is trying to not go under.
  • andreykhrapov@president_maxx oh yeah, young specialist in the field of economics 😂 take a look at the national debt of your country, and then take a look at Russian resources and russian-friendly Chinese economy 😉
  • maxxmercogliano@andreykhrapov it doesn't matter who you're friends with or who you know. Literally not even one other nation or major corporation had respect for your country. That is fact. Your wonderful "president" has done a great job torching the little decency you might have had.
  • andreykhrapov@president_maxx yeah, now I see, you're just a young victim of us propaganda) I strongly recommend you read a little of foreign media, not only us media) all the countries of developing world (BRICS union, for example) supporting Russia. And EU supporting you - US - only because of NATO and because of your dirty financial politics. Your democracy is fake. Blood of Iraq, Syria, Vietnam, Afghanistan and other countries - on your hands. And now, when your trying to bring your fake democracy to OUR historical lands - you're making mistake. Time will show, who's doing good things, and who's playing dirty geopolitical games 😉and be sure - US judgement day is near, mr-next-us-president 😂😂
  • maxxmercogliano@andreykhrapov I have traveled all over the world, in and out and all over Europe, what my predecessors have done is on them. If you want to talk about fake? How about putins war on gays? How about your backwards politics and the invasion on Ukrainians you're currently taking!? you sound like a hypocrite. Your country's history isn't one of prosperity of you didn't notice. It's time to enlighten yourself outside of Russia, there's no respect for Russia. It needs much work. And I in no way stand by you. I wouldn't waste my money traveling there, neither would the majority of the Czech Republic, Germans, Italians, French, or Spanish, your president spends $56B trying to enhance the image of Russia and ruins it in one shot.
  • andreykhrapov@president_maxx you're living in illusions) if to talk about hypocrisy - then YOUR politicians are true hypocrites. Why voting for independence in Crimea is illegal, but breaking of, for example, Yugoslavia was legal?) and, by the way - there is NO war on gays in Russia, and moreover - a few USA states have just the SAME laws about gay propaganda that was set in Russia (and all that infotrash about gay war - just about that law). But your just don't know about it - oh yeah, mr. expert 😂 also, there are 20 millions of Russian people in Ukraine ( because the half of Ukrainian territory is former Russian territory), and all that people want to integrate into Russian world, but new "goverment" of Ukraine (that was set with the help of us money and politics) are providing anti-Russian politics. But, whatever) see no sense in that conversation. Wish you all the best - and try to get information not only from US media.
  • maxxmercogliano@andreykhrapov you're not interested in facts, just your sense of nationalism. Good luck with that.
  • 1vhdf@arthurstar @sizoff001 @andreykhrapov God bless America!!! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Land of the Free!!!
  • 1vhdf@andreykhrapov So are you going to dress up as a clown? Because isn't russia know as the land of the clowns? No wonder your President (dictator) acts so foolish!! Hahaha
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