@americanidol tonight's gonna be a good night..,
  • jlo@americanidol tonight's gonna be a good night..,

  • jonelle_moutrayI love American idol so does my mom it's the best show ever we love you <3
  • antunesludovicA love toi
  • antunesludovicTi amo
  • eddie320Beautiful !!!
  • mochafemme84Lovely girl!
  • flightnel9Im really inlove w/ your smile,teeth,& lips...look soooo very sweet...
  • graceemc7I saw that hh
  • jessicvetI luh ya Papi!!! That's me in the pic 😊😊
  • nylasaldanhaJust etched thisss
  • rachaelmary_xU were Instagraming during the commercial! ♡
  • crusherk85En PR.. Tambiem hablan mierda.. Es normal te mire atii.. Para mii no hay mejor que tu.. Para mii.. Tan buena y tan bobaso y tan llorona.. :)
  • liv.websterLuv u jlo u rock
  • mekishikatoI remember this one
  • tannnazi💗
  • dorsa_sadr@kimiamosaferi
  • kylie_0421I watch this episode over and over again
  • jessicvet@emilydemarti best day of our lives
  • domenicademartiStraight up Gino @jessicvet
  • jessicvetI literally want to thank you so much for making that day at American idol the best day of my life! Really hope I get to fly back out to California this up coming year to make it to another show! You truly are my role model and will support you for life! 😘 thanks for the follow on both Instagram and Twitter! You can really turn someone's day around, I know you have plenty of times just by a simple favorite! Don't know how one of the busiest people can make so much time for her fans! It's truly mind blowing❤️ Love- your JLover Jessica Vanessa
  • madarteaM a d a r T e a 🙏🏼
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