Vanity fair! Photos by  @ruvenafanador
  • jenselterVanity fair! Photos by @ruvenafanador

  • bellezascolombianas@ms88vintage haters because they have their own opinions and dont agree with the mass of people blindly believing and worshipping a girl they have never seen before? Oh i didn't know having your own opinion or speaking the truth was considered hating nowadays. Every person i know that lives in the city and has seen her says her ass isn't that big. It's like an average butt. She just knows how to do the right pose and angle. She has a nice figure and all but she's fooling a lot of people. Just look at that vanity fair picture of the rear shot of her ass. Now you know why she never takes rear shots.
  • cptcutie@bellezascolombianas I dont care how big her butt looks in person.. I dont follow her for ass I follow for fitness her body stomach is great.. She inspired me to get my body right after my son shes just a down ass chick an its coo… if giving a negative comment stating on het ass why leave a comment on her page if you goin be negative.. Smh u guys confuse me
  • cptcutieJust leave the negativity on ur page… get off her page its not hard its simple just click the button instead of writing long paragraphs about her @jenselter this is crazy
  • spencerlesbianAss
  • crystal71410@malvina_aleksandrov i agree. Anyone, myself included, can stand so all your weight is on 1 leg & your leg & butt muscles are tightened & firm and it makes your butt look big.. But standing normally, no unusual tension or posing, I'll bet her ass looks normal. The fact that her body is small makes her ass look big especially compared to her non-existant boobs
  • crystal71410@899demon THANK YOU!! YOU TOOK THE THOUGHTS RIGHT OIT OF MY HEAD & PUBLICIZED THEM!, I did the same thing in my own mirror & my butt looked even bigger than hers. & I'm small-framed too, so it only TRICKS people into thinking i got some mega latina booty, butt infact, it's trick photography! I've done it too
  • elle_c9@nay_woww maybe one that ties?
  • notyourdiscofoxTotes with you @maciestrick9 #theresmoretoawomanthantits
  • maciestrick9@makeitnastay #yeahlikeagreatass lol
  • vegetarianbarbie@maciestrick9 Agreed, I want to see more celebrities showing that small perky natural boobs are beautiful are beautiful too and don't need to have implants inserted into them.
  • globalfootprint@vegetarianbarbie your right. Its not a Kim k butt.... Its better. Because Jens is actually toned not just genetics. She works for it
  • nassaubeautycollectiveYeah you should work for what you want, but there's nothing wrong with genetics hon...she worked for it cause genetically she didn't have it. If you have it you either add it on or take something away. Dat simple.
  • dontusethis112__No matter if people think her ass is small in videos she's still known as jen selter the girl with the nicest toned and big ass on instagram so calm 😚
  • freshprinceofthe303Jealous much? Haha, quit hatin. You just wish your ass looked like that. @sofieluv1517
  • hiffa_You are amazing .. I really like you and you give the reason for containe workout
  • alfieabsHow many jealous bitches
  • theevelyng@its_alejandra_g
  • jmosmiles@rhodessw
  • laurapasoma_@sineadgallagher01
  • jea.nnxOmg it's you! Congrat!
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