Me and Trixie Garcia. As in Jerry. As in BOOM!
  • peteholmesMe and Trixie Garcia. As in Jerry. As in BOOM!

  • ilizasThe back of Pete's chair tho...
  • bradsonemanbandPeeeeeete Hooooolmezzzzzzzzzz
  • samuelvayroThat chair is way to small Pete!
  • ben_kuperschmidLiterally watching the show right now
  •, you look strangely adorable in that too-small chair.
  • mars_eveBOOM goes the chair! (Hugs!💘)
  • timburwhulfPete! My wife & I listened to your podcast with Moshe Kasher on a road trip last weekend - I laughed so hard I had to pull over. Thank you for making the best, longest, and weirdest podcast I've ever heard.
  • ae_haggAt the rainforest cafe?
  • hughdefranceIs this for Pete Holmes Show?? Can't wait to see it!!!
  • mariathisismariaOh yeah, the Moshe Kasher podcast (besides many others :) was incredible! Thank you for your wonderful work!
  • emilylarsenartI'm obsessed with your podcast lately. And I might have a kindergarten crush on you.
  • staceydoesitbetterHey girl hey. @emily1793 we ALL have a kindergarten crush on him. He loves it, we love that he loves it. Welcome to the weird....
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