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  • abhay_3110Win 4 Barćà
  • j.amie.pUnlucky city
  • j.amie.pMan U couldn't even score
  • milos_._That game was so unfair all games were for city #fuckrefs
  • yacobus_angThe reff is visca barca. Same at etihad
  • _m_stylesWell but Kompany tried really hard
  • a9eelcityهلا
  • cannongainesWhat was the score
  • citizen_16_The way barca played was DISGUSTING I'd rather lose to a match like that than win the way barca won Outrageous >:(
  • sajaythegreatBarcelona is bad
  • _.rhys13Barca are just a pair of pansies busquets pique iniesta fabragass basically the whole team
  • abdaulrahman1122والله ان مانشستر سيتي أحسن من برشلونة الزق
  • elias_eiterBarca is the best
  • ll.ll.ll27@abdaulrahman1122 روح بس العب
  • farhandimas15barca is a strong team and they have the spirit to be recognized tiki taka compact and nice .
  • 971ooالستي اصلن مايعرفو يلعبو مول
  • 971ooالهلال بعدمول ما يعرفو يلعبو
  • ho.waiigood back home la city
  • moh77uaeمدريد وبرشلونة مايعرفوا يلعبوا و السيتي العب عنهم
  • kha7ldWak city lost XD
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