Got my real name on instagram!  Gimme a follow
  • justinverlanderGot my real name on instagram! Gimme a follow

  • cartnellyYou don't throw 65 😂😂 @blumke_power
  • snsndnnssgvsbYa I do @nellly.07
  • bouvcrewHave you ever taken your humans in a fur suit out to run like crazy on the playing field! Tell them "This is where Daddy works!"
  • bouvcrewI have Bouvier's who think they are tiny thumbilina's! We sold our 34' Carver that we kept on the Detroit River because it was too hard for our older dog to jump on any more. Then we bought a "Rock Star" 44' motorhome! Now everyone is happy! Each Bouvier has their own couch and window to tell people what's up! Anything for our humans in a furry suit!
  • mikey_4248Right he don't throw 65 @nellly.07 @mason_blumke
  • mikey_4248Yep sure I throw faster than you soo u think jv is gonna look through al the comments and reply to ur don't be a little bitch @mason_blumke
  • snsndnnssgvsbShit up fucktard u really no how to piss someone off and a will kick your ass so hard your grandchildren will feel it BITCH
  • snsndnnssgvsbShut**
  • snsndnnssgvsb@mikey4248
  • sean.pomerantz@mason_blumke, first u make no sense and second he's better than you'll ever be
  • childishlupino@mason_blumke you can't throw 65 😂 no 5th grader can that's like freshman baseball speed
  • snsndnnssgvsbYour just jealous as fuck I work every day trying to be the best you don no what's going on in my life so shut up it's not the time my mom died of cancer and my grandpas in the hospital I may not be perfect but I want my mom and my grandpa to be proud of me for something I practice as much as a can because it's the only thing I can do I can even afford new clothes and the only way I got to go to the tigers game wa because I won the tickets for the the practices the most and try's to be the best so just shut up @sean.pomerantz and @michael_lupo42
  • childishlupino@mason_blumke bro I get it. It's sad what's happening to you. I just found it hard to believe that a 5th grader throws that hard. Sorry. Hope you get better bro
  • snsndnnssgvsbThank you but I got held back 1 but I practice every day After school and when summer is here I am gonna get better and I throw 63 but my dad tells me to just round it up to 65 @michael_lupo42
  • childishlupino@mason_blumke cool, keep up the good work 👌
  • thisisnotabelHey
  • alexgclla@diazfroilan mira tambien rescata perritos
  • joescanlon@catchinsome_tlc
  • nidy41🐾😍🐾
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