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  • mancityBARCELONA V CITY: Is the Great Escape on for #mcfc tonight? Match tag: #barcavcity

  • gpjr_@yakir_lankri_ Hahaha you disgrace Barcelona #BarcaFans 😂😂
  • _fcb_forever_@frasermc01 Calm down, if Man City won you would be like 😂😂. I have get respect for Man City, but Barca didn't cheat
  • hearts_shouldnt_be_brokenUnlucky boys just a tough side to beat (: AGUERO hope you soon recover !! Not our year hope we get a centre half get rid of Demicheais and Lescott not up to standard of Man City (:
  • _wrong_account___12 v 11! Cheats
  • rafaelshlimPlease sell lescott and demichelis!!!and buy 1 referee like a barca!!!
  • deboakandeAm a man city fan and am very disappointed ..,now we are out of every cup..It's do or die naw for the Barclays premier league trophy...if we don't win that them we can just refer to our season as been catastrophic ..Upon all the 100 goals in the first half of the season..see where we are today...we had better win the league or else it would be MAN SHITTY!!!
  • arrivayudhistiraTry to love your club you dumb bitch @deboakande
  • romakrstn@deboakande you're really idiot. And i think you're not even know football.. think about what your say bitch.
  • hasudunganmilanThank city for the show.. We enjoy it from indonesia.. Keep strong city....
  • hasudunganmilanThank city for the show.. We enjoy it from indonesia.. Keep strong city....
  • infsboss@rafaelshlim lol
  • mancityrchampions@deboakande - we got this far ffs! If Dimwittchellis (Demichellis) hadn't fouled Messi in the box and given away pen and they only got the one goal in 1st leg we might have been able to do it, yes we got away with their pen, goal was onside not offside and the other hit post, some Barca players are lightweights going down at every challenge and the ref was shite but that's the way it goes, pick ourselves up, brush ourselves down and concentrate on league now. MUST buy CB who is up to scratch for PL and CL with pace as cover for Kompany
  • romakrstnRespect them. They have a really good job can make this far..
  • dontmessupthetrick@mcfcofficial where is Ur quadruple?...haha..u guys are done....Capital one cup only?..haha..shit trophy for shit club..haha
  • zigzag311i think about the city should look for better defins player and some one better than kolorf an cletshit at the left and drop lescot and dmciles... better at the back the PL will be ours
  • jack_burgess12City shuld hav 1
  • muhammadtauseef7Well played but we need center backs like kompany!
  • yacobus_angBuy Diego costa
  • sajaythegreat2-1 man city won!!!
  • arslan_atabaevConversely😂😂 @ferrarirocks
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