#nyc #emergency #116thst #explosion #manhattan
  • bmwx21#nyc #emergency #116thst #explosion #manhattan

  • 12cupsofcoffeeHeard you got grounded but great photo.
  • fuzheadoBrian, I'm wondering if you would be willing to release some of your East Harlem video under a Creative Commons CC-BY license so it can be posted on Wikipedia. Thanks in advance if you can.
  • jackmegawphotoHi mate nice work with the drone. Just be careful about using it in this setting with police lines etc. involved. FAA are doing their double best to ban drone photography and we don't want to give them a reason! I do believe drones are the future of journalism, but be careful with police lines is my one bit of advice! Don't let the side down! Nice work!
  • j_b_s_11Found this picture featured on petapixel.com Cool shot. Props man.
  • bmwx21@fuzheado I will get back to you tomorrow about giving you some footage for Wikipedia
  • timboylesCreative photojournalism.
  • nicholasmrnarevic@bmwx21 I was listening to NPR while taking shots with my phantom 2 of the river that same morning. nice to meet the guy who everyone is talking about. I have a permit to fly in the park, doing aerials. bravo man, hopefully we can get more permits as a result of your harlem footage
  • bmwx21@mrnarevic_photography nice to meet you and also great pictures of the park area.
  • nicholasmrnarevic@bmwx21 Thanks man, where do you launch from? wherever? your photos are pretty ballsy, NYC frowns upon using phantoms especially near the bridge, took me a Long time to get a permit to fly in the park, you got guts!
  • nicholasmrnarevicbut the footage of the building collapse, genius, you've sparked a convo about drone use. that's excellent for people like us.
  • nicholasmrnarevic@bmwx21 let me know If you want to fly together, I'm down to launch from wherever!!
  • bmwx21@mrnarevic_photography shoot me an email bmwx21 @gmail.com so we can meet up and do some flying
  • nicholasmrnarevic@bmwx21 sent you an email
  • gregatgivitPowerful use of a drone and gopro. Looks like you are away from ground crews and being safe. Do you do shoot videos as well?
  • bmwx21@givitgreg yes shoots good video
  • jon.camSaw you on the news! Great way to use technology. But as you mentioned on your interview, hopefully you won't need to document another tragedy.
  • vincetographerThis is awesome...
  • kyle.desousaHow's the FAA investigation going?
  • bmwx21? @hotwingshot
  • kyle.desousahttp://abclocal.go.com/wabc/story?id=9474104
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