Now that's football weather! New Bills OL Chris Williams and Coach Marrone got right out there after he signed today. "I like the cold weather. True home field advantage." #WelcomeToBuffalo
  • buffalobillsNow that's football weather! New Bills OL Chris Williams and Coach Marrone got right out there after he signed today. "I like the cold weather. True home field advantage." #WelcomeToBuffalo

  • mvlinatlRight so 7 mil towards rookie contracts. UDFA don't cost anything and never provide great talent so you still have 15 mil to spend. Best guys go in first week. Everyone making moves yet the team that hasn't made the playoffs in 14 years stands pat with there own mindset. Makes sense
  • stephhazen@greekpaisan hahahaha
  • vicious155Everyone? Jets haven't pats? GB? Tampa Bay has "won FA" the last 3 seasons what'd they win? Cordy Glenn is a FA next year I think he's gonna want to get paid with the way these LT's got paid yesterday Gilmore will need to be paid soon. I think they'll want to keep those two
  • mvlinatlFair enough but the pats have made the playoffs every year TE last decade. Jets were in the playoffs. I think our roster is a bit weaker than the pats.
  • mizz503Nice pic
  • vicious155Pats have Brady a once in 10-15 type QB who makes everyone better that's what sets them apart. Jets after their mini day in the sun have gotten worse ever since
  • mvlinatlAnd how about us? We have been bad for 14 years and just got worse this offenseason on by letting Byrd walk.
  • nickbrunner@evan_ryan23 Owens lead the team in all reception stats while he was here. He wasn't a bad sign my man
  • nickbrunner@vicious155 well said. But we do have some needs we need to address!
  • parker.sullivan24R we gonna grab any1 during free agency cause if we dont we will lose and we have had to many losing seasons!LETS WIN!And get some free agents
  • vicious155Between 10-12 Byrd played all 48 games on defenses that gave up an avg. of 431 points a season and sandbagged it for all of camp/PS/and half TE regular season. Sounds like a guy who'd I'd love to make a multi millionaire and corner stone player on my team
  • kttwiceLamar Woodley, jared allen 2 year deals..ed reed one year
  • evan_ryan23@nickbrunner with a meager 5tds in a 6-10 season. The stats wouldn't be bad for someone like Stevie or marquise... But the Bills aren't emptying their pockets for them, and they have more than a couple years left in their career
  • kj088@kttwice ed reed is done lmao
  • jkalangisWhat am i missing? Why do bills fans want Vick? EJ will be better without that kind of mentor. He'll grow his way in this system.
  • vicious155@johnnykalangis cause they get reality mixed up with fantasy see. Most play madden and follow fantasy football and still see his value/standing as it was 6+. Years ago. Missing the point he's 34, injury prone Let alone the other baggage. Agreed EJ or The Bills don't need him
  • djwiz305Welcome to Buffalo Chris Williams
  • rocbronsonThis Chris Williams guy look like a disaster waiting to unfold. He arrive at his new job looking like this. Shows a lot of respect for the Bills organization lol only in BLO and Oakland..
  • sam_sperrazzaThis is the worst free agency pickup ever. At best, he is a bad backup. They overpaid him and gave him guaranteed money so they cannot even cut him. The Bills should have picked up a great center and moved him to guard! Websites are laughing at this pickup.
  • 87north😂😂😂😂😂^^^^i agree
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