Do you think Ragnar has met his match in King Ecbert? Tune-in tomorrow at 10/9c to find out! #Vikings
  • historyvikingsDo you think Ragnar has met his match in King Ecbert? Tune-in tomorrow at 10/9c to find out! #Vikings

  • vasilisprepRagnar dies in the snake pit of King Aella of northubria.
  • mathewquill@vasilisprep not gonna happen
  • wickeddoll👏👏👏 @corkeytoo
  • thafoodie@mlpics3000
  • mathewquill@vasilisprep you spoiled the fucking series for everyone go fuck yourself you little asshole
  • brzezinski01@mathewquill How can you have spoilers when it comes to history?
  • norsemenhc_ragnarAhahaha, You mean the show involving characters from history can't be re-written from a show?
  • mathewquillI mean people that don't study fucking Viking history might want to see what happens and not have it spoiled
  • thecosmicwaterwalkerI like to see how the writers, producers, and artists interpret and stay true to the historical record. Knowing the history helps me understand the series better.
  • brzezinski01@mathewquill sorry you're not going to be able to sleep tonight, man.
  • thecosmicwaterwalkerOh yeah, while his sons are historical figures, it is uncertain whether Ragnar himself existed. According to the legend.......a tv series can take artistic license and write what they want. Watch to find out what happens.
  • brzezinski01@motormike1973 I agree, in a round about way that was what I was getting at. Any series based on actual events has to change it up a bit to make it interesting.
  • brzezinski01*historical not actual. Since he may not have existed.
  • nonamecusimlameThe main thing everyone needs to keep in mind is this a historical drama loosely based on facts there just isnt enough hours in a season to document real history. the main fictional story line is that ragnar and rollo are brothers.
  • mathewquill@brzezinski01 I'm not going to be able to sleep for a while
  • elijahsartyNo way!
  • thecosmicwaterwalkerMore mead Mathew...more mead!
  • csorenson1125Nope
  • mrclark72When will we see some chainmail on some Vikings! An a spectical helm would be nice aswell!
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