Spurcycle - doing it right. Made in the USA cycling bell - and it comes in BLACK
  • theradavistSpurcycle - doing it right. Made in the USA cycling bell - and it comes in BLACK

  • fankultAnd plus anything that is actually made in the USA with care and craftsmanship I approve of!!!
  • theradavist@fankult and trails - gotta let people know yer coming
  • s_curranReally like mine, definitely doing it right.
  • bendenaliSo metal
  • erikhillard@johnprolly thanks. look forward to hearing how it works downhill in the dirt. dream of a bell that rattles a bit downhill but stays quiet on climbs unless triggered.
  • brewin411I just got this bell in the mail! Rings so loud! Well worth the wait 👍
  • besseddrestGot mine, hurts my ears, which is a good thing
  • joelambe@erikhillard's question is key. I've got one of the smaller Crane bells - not the classic strike version - and it's a noisy disaster. Constantly ringing on bumpy roads. Hate it so much I removed it.
  • nutmegcountryGot mine too!
  • royalefeaturesWe worth it. hobos no longer cross in front of me on my ride home
  • chubby_tyres@organic_black I bought the limited polished
  • coffeeandchezBell is metal
  • genfixie@fankult I was being sincere. They serve a purpose and are designed well.
  • cinnamonbelle@neysasiagian ini anak culun culun tapi kreatip banget banget ! 😍
  • outbackhipstersmine are on the way.
  • dixlsGot mine and I love it, need to get a second one as soon as I can. Pretty sure its the only bell I'll use
  • scootcoreStill waiting.
  • theradavist@scootcore they sent an email out, asking backers for mailing addresses - did you see it?
  • scootcoreNo!!! Checking!!!
  • instajazstill waiting for mine to come over to OZ...ordered in NOV.
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