What kind of makeup tutorials would you like @ariel_hope to do?
  • baremineralsWhat kind of makeup tutorials would you like @ariel_hope to do?

  • ariel_hope☺️☺️☺️☺️ @bareminerals
  • cphappygirlI've been totally obsessed with 7 Ways to Bare lately and would love to see what looks you come up with.
  • momaxxContouring!
  • mainasicardcrasMake up for light freckles skin and light blue eyes.
  • nykia.taylorContouring in depth and what brushes work best. And how to do it for dark skin tones too!
  • salstlCovering white scars on cheeks...
  • toscanohortensiaBlush and eye shadows
  • candiigirl92Acne makeup tutorial
  • kraeseaContouring and smokey eye for golden dark girls and brushes to use
  • juliereneefFull coverage foundation!
  • shanny_d28Contouring and everyday eye looks
  • memauroMakeup look using the Bare Skin serum foundation.
  • heyshannySmokey eye!
  • sarahkostovicAnything! Everything she does is perfect!
  • ariannajr93Ready convertible palette
  • monica_nicole17A Spring look with a BRIGHT PINK lip and a neutral eye. :-)
  • paytonlee143gold eyes 👀
  • bareminerals@ariannajr93 Check out our YouTube channel one of our holiday videos has two looks using the ready convertible.
  • xoterrieslifeCan we get some women of color to do tutorials with the darker shades please? The tutorials that are available now are great but certain things like blush and other aspects are different and I would really like to see those shades represented for my own education and other women of color.
  • writingcatbronze on the eyes. I always liked that.
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