Son of a... That was going to be a cute one! #Photobomb
  • tmobileSon of a... That was going to be a cute one! #Photobomb

  • king.milz1
  • khalidakbar_111Pleeez give me a mobile phone as a gift @tmobile @_milz3
  • bulbazaurNow they have to retake the photo. :D
  • sleepingbeauty_malenaI love T-Mobile....been with them going on 4 yrs now. Yesterday I got an email, stating that on the 23 I'm going to get a free upgrade on free data and texting YES!!! LOVVVVVVE IT!♡♡♡
  • tmobile@ilivelife_onedge We Love you too! Glad you are enjoying our network.
  • tonymedellin50Please don't merge with sprint!!! I love my T-Mobile!!!
  • nickmyster86Love u guys. Don't merge with sprint. You guys are doing great just the way it is. Slow and steady wins the race !
  • _self_love_is_pricelessI have been with you guys since forever don't merge with sprint love how cheap my bill is with the great customer service is
  • tmobile@kyleibboston This year, we will start lighting up the 1900 MHz PCS spectrum with LTE, as well as continue to push LTE on AWS spectrum. Also, once the 700 MHz A-Block spectrum transaction closes, we anticipate we will begin rollout rapidly. By the end of 2014, T-Mobile will cover around 250 million people with 4G LTE.
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