On set with on of my favorite ladies! @katemansi
  • chrishell7On set with on of my favorite ladies! @katemansi

  • chloethechi_wow_huaI loved today's episode today! You are beautiful!!!
  • evansbobby50where the jordan get up lol
  • alyssa_mansfield@chrishell7 follow for follow?? I met you in Chicago and it would mean the world to me if you followed me! Love you so much on Days!
  • ms.pcota78Why can't Rafe be happy? Is Jordan really leaving Days? @chrishell7 if so wish you weren't
  • applecross22Love those smiles! Glad you're having a fun day 😃 Chrishell are your highlights gone already or is it a trick of the light? I liked them!
  • lishysmith94Both of you are rocking your roles on Days :) hopefully @katemansi is in some more scenes with you??!
  • chrishell7Yes my highlights are still there, it's just a really dark photo. Candid on set caught by @ggering 📷
  • mkalendYour adorable love your acting @chrishell7
  • applecross22Glad to hear you're still shaking it up for summer in Salem. 😉 They're so pretty! Hope this means Richard is letting you have a say in the wardrobe dept too! ☺️ a lil Chrishell influence on Jordan can never be a bad thing!!!
  • aspotaboveGreat shot of two pretty ladies. Should be summer in Salem. Not seeing a baby bump on Abby or glasses on Jordan.
  • suzyyq71I didn't think Jordan was leaving!!!
  • karenkilgoremchughGlad jordan is staying!!
  • annlucdiNo baby bump, no Ejabby baby?
  • leshersOr maybe they don't want her in a bump so that people are spoiled.
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