Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. - Robert Louis Stevenson #mrazfamilyfarms
  • jason_mrazDon't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. - Robert Louis Stevenson #mrazfamilyfarms

  • renatacurvo@maritmaritess 😙🎋🌍
  • lauravihernandezTu y tu amo hacia el aguacate, taaaan original<3 i love you.
  • lauravihernandezTu y tu amor hacia el aguacate, tan original<3
  • w_tamhumHi i'm your fan in Korea! i addicted to your voice even if i'm a man.
  • hippiekarmaWhere can we deigans get some Avomrazdoes? @mona_tavakoli ? Any one let us in on the 'sall secret!?
  • zzbluri got more beans on my page...😌
  • sunshinegirldrawsHi Jason! I drew you :) I'm bringing it to your concert on March 19th in SLO in hopes you'll sign it or at least see it!

    You're my favorite musician in the world and it would be awesome to meet you! I saw you at the Santa Barbara Bowl this summer for the first time and it was amazing!!
  • asylvia125I absolutely love my avocados! And I love you sooooo much you are all I've listened to for the past 6 years! I go everytime ur around and really hope u come back to MA soon, we share the same love for cats which is why I always tag u in my cats pics! Your concerts keep me smiling for months. Your the most real artist/song writer there is and you will always be my number 1!! I love you Jason! @jason_mraz
  • asylvia125Also your son You and I Both is me and my cat Caspers, he jus passed away this January 25.. I had him from the time I was 5 til I was 22.. He was my everything hardest thing to ever go thru but ur song helps me. Thank you so much #happycaturday @jason_mraz
  • I can grow this many avocados and I don't kill my trees!
  • btherolly@jason_mraz , i Have a secret dream (no more) that is : eat an avocado of your planting. Cause i love avocado and i love jason. Hum...
  • victopavezzz♥♥♥♥
  • traci_lyman❤️❤️❤️my favorite! Ship to Bend Oregon?
  • twwinecellarsWonderful 🙏
  • daniduran_@grandma_sam wth
  • annameutTernyata Jason mraz suka berkebun @liahrp
  • lourjam1188@jason_mraz is this avocado??? So many is this one of my favorirte fruits 😄😃😀
  • denievamary@michiamochar well said!
  • laloportugalDude you really love Aguacate u most be halfmexican
  • kurniantodedetHi jason ,how ar u? Pls reply @jason_mraz
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