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  • kevinmichalukNot going to lie, I much prefer the swipe to archive method of triaging my inbox (Android and iOS do this) over the BlackBerry way of having to tap the menu key then selecting the message and taking action. On BB10 this swipe left gesture takes you out of the hub, but it could do this auto-archive. I don't need two ways to get out of the Hub since I can always swipe up from the bottom. Thoughts BB10 users??

  • gadgetsboyagreed its counter productive
  • mavsguy842The hub is awesome. I agree that deleting could be easier, but how much would it really save you? I want a time trial with 20+ emails to delete.
  • kingcracker1Love the hub. No issues with it.
  • pilotpropSounds like a good idea to me.
  • kevinmichaluk@mavsguy842 In this case it's not just the speed but the experience. A big part of BB10 is that you should be able to take action on everything you touch. Right now it's not like that. Plus deleting 20 emails would take a lot of scrolling. Ideally you could do both ways. Could still have the Select More option, but no reason to not have swipe to archive on individual messages which is definitely way quicker for archiving single messages.
  • barlowdot1Just to be safe, id rathed click and hold so that the message highligh before swipping left to triaging.
  • romindsantosDelete Prior
  • shaifnanI receive 300-400 emails a day if you zero out your inbox during the day. It will prevent you to select more than one message and delete them. I process them one by one. I love the function to but I don't miss it on my q10 be cause I have to read them one by one
  • barlowdot1As a safety measure and as a confirmation id rather click and hold untill the message highligh to confirm before swiping downward to remove the message.
  • awalizadAndroid does it much better. With BB10 being a gesture based OS, this feature should be a given.
  • pippomagriGood idea Kevin!
  • dimkneesId prefer to press alt and then select multiple emails then press delete rather than having to press the mail then select button then delete
  • markppgYou shouldn't have to press the checkmark to do a multi select. It's just dumb. You should be able to multi select just by highlighting another message...
  • harlemyuppieAbsolutely agree!
  • ausgewandertcaAgreed, would be a nice feature to have.
  • panco469I think it could have both features. Swiping from the middle of the message to the left to delete or archive and Swiping from the end of the screen to go out of the hub. That's the gesture that I use and not Swiping from the bottom
  • apar_agarwalI agree with you Kevin, it sucks.
  • anomally327Petty ass shit,but multi. Select is. Faster to me
  • anomally327But. Damn,kev why aren't you speaking with chin, but make it a option,not default
  • lamannafrankIt'd be awesome if they could implement this!
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