Off to my interview to be one a direct care worker I'm very excited!!! ❤️💞😘
  • catelynnmtvOff to my interview to be one a direct care worker I'm very excited!!! ❤️💞😘

  • skiptomyloumydarlinGood luck Catelynn!!! :) rooting for you always!
  • okayokayimaThis is her @tenngrl21
  • mizzkerybaby1217How pretty
  • pearltower45I'm so proud of you!
  • witch.bitchh@annalynn____
  • jacquelynprice50I just read that you and Tyler are gonna have a baby! It honestly brought me to tears... You and Tyler have always been my favorite couple on teen mom, I personally think y'all are ready to Have a baby. Y'all are so good to each other and love each other so much! Good luck with your pregnancy! I'm sure Tyler will take care of you! May God bless you😊
  • nani260You are so beautiful and a mature woman im so proud of you @catelynnmtv
  • cosmicflowrAWW CATELYNN I LOVE YOU!!
  • capnjen55So pretty :)
  • xsusssyUgly fat bitch
  • melissa_s_brown@xsusssy you probably should look in the mirror before you decide to speak about others... Just sayin
  • fridamee@melissa_s_brown I thought she was a boy until I saw her hooker name suzzette. ..lmao. ... she is a joke lmao @xsusssy go get a name change and a nose job
  • dirty.snacks@xxsussy have some class.
  • vylet.moon.bug@xsusssy if by her you mean you? then yes you are! congratulations for noticing : ) buy some makeup
  • dani_elizabitch@catelynnmtv you're such an inspiration. I can relate to your childhood and how you grew up. I'm 32 and have an 18 month old baby girl. You're heart is huge and you and Tyler are already amazing parents. Wishing you an easy labor and delivery, can't wait to see your little girl. I just wanted to say "best wishes." 👍🎀😄👸💪💖👏
  • jsn_torresHope you're a better parent to this child instead of Carly!
  • princessmeli19Very beautiful @catelynnmtv
  • muffintophasswag1Your very gorgeous
  • makidelic_jsn_torres she wasn't a bad parent she gave her child up for adoption? last I heard that was being an AWESOME parent. please learn your shit. thanks.
  • dddominique@nicole_shelhamer
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