Hanging out with Eric and Trey getting lunch!
  • themagicofrahatHanging out with Eric and Trey getting lunch!

  • k_risreyez<3
  • sulaimanstylegood to see him smiling :)
  • itzy_martinez@themagicofrahat Awww I'm in love with what you guys did for him! It's the nicest thing iv ever seen and he's one of the most inspiring people there is the fact that he is so respectful and although he's been through a lot he still has his head up💪🙏God bless him and I hope he finds what he needs 💕
  • nickclum_I am so speechless that you got that guy off the street. You have inspired me to do so many things, I am out of words to say. That really made me so happy to see him off the streets. I also heard that he was a very nice guy and he needed some help. You are a hero and god bless you. @themagicofrahat @themagicofrahat @themagicofrahat
  • nickclum_@themagicofrahat
  • nickclum_Yes @yasiralbadran
  • shiy_shiy17I just watched the video and i think what u did to Eric was awesome
  • demreenicolex3Eric is so sweet and genuine with an amazing heart.. Does he want a wife? 😍 I love you Eric!!! @themagicofrahat
  • ed_win_02U r awsome bro i was touched
  • marquinhoscarneirojrCara, sei que você não vai fazer idéia do que eu estou escrevendo, mas se um dia você traduzir isso saiba que aqui no Brasil essa história emocionou muita gente. Parabéns a você e boa sorte ao Eric. O mundo precisa de mais pessoas assim.
  • josiigrI saw the vids my bro almost cry 😢😄
  • josiigr😂😂
  • lil_man419You are amazing
  • taco159:) !!!
  • tooshortjayy__I seen the video IT'S GOOD TO SEE A homeless GUY SMILE AND OFF THE STREETS THAT WAS REALLY NICE
  • maryjo.mj33Amazing guy.
  • gadipakelagi.yaUr the nicest guy ive ever seen!
  • phlegar19Does Eric have an Instagram?
  • briallenfitWhere is he now?...
  • xander405Hows eric doing
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