A different #WinkOfPink for every day of the workweek. XOXO #KohlsBeauty #Kohls
  • kohlsA different #WinkOfPink for every day of the workweek. XOXO #KohlsBeauty #Kohls

  • mallettehavens😘😍
  • sallysnapshotsPretty in the pink! 🎀
  • kohls@sallysnapshots Our favorite color!
  • mallettehavensI love these! How much are they?
  • kohls@lettie_spaghetti4 Our Flirt lipsticks are $13.50!
  • mallettehavensAre they sold at every Kohls store? @kohls
  • skye.davisWhat's the name of the nude?xx
  • diana_santana08Good quality!!
  • graceisaviolet❤️💖
  • kohls@lettie_spaghetti4 Yes, they should be available at your local Kohl's. We would be happy to call and check for you if you'd like! You can also order them all at Kohls.com
  • kohls@skyydavis_ It is by CARGO and called Las Vegas. We also recommend Santa Fe as a great nude color too!
  • twiggypopshopI love these lipsticks! I have them in 2 colors my favorite is a red-orange perfect for spring!
  • kohls@lavidadetwiggy Red-orange lipstick is our favorite color to wear once the weather warms up!
  • hidden_amethyst@kohls i am really sad that i never got a beauty box from Kohl's :( is that only certain stores or what? It would really help me with my sales if i actually got to try products! I feel like the beauty advisors should get one to be able to try and sell their product. I have a very small budget and work hard for it,i can't afford most of the stuff i sell. I would even pay for the box if i had to.
  • kohlsHi @pascalembm! We have away Beauty Boxes to our Instagram fans on Valentine's Day. We unfortunately do not have any left but we just might be surprising our fans again :)
  • hidden_amethyst@kohls so how would i be able to get one? Like i said I'm not only a fan,but also a beauty advisor for Kohls. So it would benefit u guys too if the BA got samples to actually try them ourselves so we can experience it and know what results we are selling! I am very happy to be working for Kohls and got my department into 1st place in the region. ;)
  • kris_10_reneeDo y'all sell NYX makeup
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