lucky to have such an awesome friend 💜😋 @vurbwes #daytonaSX
  • macideshanebookoutlucky to have such an awesome friend 💜😋 @vurbwes #daytonaSX

  • paige_rasUr at razzed night club! @macideshanebookout
  • paige_rasRazzels* @macideshanebookout
  • lyyyyyssWhere does she get her extensions...
  • cortneylansdonYou are so beautiful
  • raul_boostedFriend zone
  • lizzyj27you guys would make a cute/hot couple!!!!
  • xo_nissiYou're the only person I know who looks good with blonde, ginger, and brunette hair...that's awesome you can pull anything off
  • sjdaniLove your hair!
  • cfcs12TRUE @_nissssii
  • haileysn1Anyone ever think the reason she posts a few pictures of her son is because she doesn't want idiots like some of you seeing him? A lot of jerks and sickos could be following her. If I were famous I would post only a few pictures of my children on ig but I'm not and I have only people I know personally following me so I blow ig up with videos and pics of my kids. She doesn't care if you see her and her friends but she probably cares deeply just how much she exposes Bentley. Guarantee she has a whole other personal ig account with only friends and family following her.
  • tamra_seniAnd I'm pretty sure Bentley has his own page with lots of pictures :)
  • haileya87I like how you all think she actually cares that you don't "approve" of her "partying". She knows Bentley is taken care of and that's all that matters. There are more people than parents who like to spend time with kids and when a mother is kid free don't judge what she does. ✌️
  • haileya87And @Mac ideshanebookout you look amazing! 😘
  • haileya87@macideshanebookout idk why it spaced that lol
  • _jayfitxoAre you still in Daytona ? :)
  • yourgirlbribriYour so pretty (: @macideshanebookout
  • oey_with_a_zYou're beautiful
  • twohearts07No way. I know him went to elementary middle and highschool with him.
  • vivalakris_@jasminecoleman_
  • christinemarie323You would look good with that color hair @macideshanebookout
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