So, this is awesome. #ilovela #alam #lamarathon #santamonica
  • fannetasticfoodSo, this is awesome. #ilovela #alam #lamarathon #santamonica

  • sabbaqz1@fannetasticfood I found out yesterday that your mom and I work in the same office. She is awesome!
  • fannetasticfood@sabbilious oh no way! Cool!
  • stephkambarIt's a beautiful day in the Bay Area too! Good luck tomorrow!
  • sabbaqz1@fannetasticfood it's funny! I was talking to her yesterday and she showed me a picture of you and your brother. I recognised you in the picture and asked her if you were dietician and she said the name of your blog. This is such a small world! She is a very nice and classy lady. On a work related note: do you accept insurance at all? I want to work on losing pregnancy weight.
  • fannetasticfood@sabbilious small world. :) Unfortunately I don't accept insurance, I'm sorry! I can give you a superbill for you to submit for potential reimbursement but no guarantees your ins co will cover.
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