Just a little something to celebrate 25 years of partnership with the @chipganassiracing team. #TeamTarget
  • targetJust a little something to celebrate 25 years of partnership with the @chipganassiracing team. #TeamTarget

  • jjlarsonharvickfanThat scheme is so awesome!
  • joanned333Love the target car!!!!!
  • roaakhaterCan You Open target in Qatar???😭😭😭???? Pleaseee
  • cassandra.xox13Cool
  • jawahermuradU should open in Bahrain target 😭😭😭 plzz we love new things @target
  • jawahermuradU should open in Bahrain target 😭😭😭 plzz we love new things @target
  • vane_kassy14Alike the cars#alovetarget
  • twentyonebebopsDo you like Taylor swift?
  • melyssayoureastarWhat @tutuswift said.
  • melyssayoureastarYou guys better start changing your ways. STOP PHOTOSHOPPING THE MODELS.
  • jessicaarenaeYou make me sick. Target Photoshops beautiful girls who are perfect the way they are only to make then perfect to you! Marketing needs to put out a public message and apologize. Next time have "real" womanly figures as your models.
  • lucid.mermaidNash grier and cameron Dallas have more followers than you lol
  • its_xxfashionistaxxFirst off E! had made a comment about this but, what is ironic is they never say anything about the Kardashian photoshop controversy.
    You know why?
    Because they make them cash...
    Even after all the things they did...
    Second off, I just wanna say I find this really sad.
    The fact that Target has to photoshop this beautiful natural teenage model to make her have a thigh gap. (It went wrong as you can see, as it made it look like her v***** is gone)
    So what now?
    Girls aren't going to want to have a v*****?
    The way God intends us to be?
    This is why society is so insecure.
    Girls want to be what they see on the magazine.
    This is who they idolize.
    & This is who they try to portray themselves to look like.
    Everybody wants to be the girl on the cover.
    When in reality, the girl on the cover don't even look like herself.
    Anyways, in my opinion I think media should ban photoshop so than if we see imperfection on the girl on the cover.
    Than maybe we might accept our flaws to.
    Pimples, braces, stretch mark, & cellulite are all flaws but, they make us UNIQUE.
    Plus it would be boring if we all look the same.
    We won't stand out but, well look like a bunch of plastic clone doll.
    Perfect is boring.
    So what if we don't have a thigh gap?
    Everyone is different & I think if media would focus less on perfections than I think people will be more secure & we will have less Anxiety in today's world.
    Also people will have less depression & ED.
    We judge society yet, we are society.
    -Ivy Middleton
  • its_xxfashionistaxxI made a rant...go look on my page
  • shayrips@whoislexieanyway i read it✋
  • footballer2.0For some wierd reason I love target mabey it's cause where the ladies are😏 #jk
  • alliechan99Love your new @ohjoy collection!
  • dylan_deege@mariss_garciaaa @maia.leal
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