had to go play in the sand
  • iiswhoiishad to go play in the sand

  • chelceemills#freekesha
  • effortlehsilyyy
  • champagnegabo🌈Love🌈
  • unnaturwhale#IStandWithKesha
  • kaymariewooden@neva.josh I dont want to be rude but you need serious help. Like psychiatric help kiddo. Really.
  • neva.josh@kaymariewooden it might sound creepy but that's how I felt at the moment and I have a hard time expressing myself, it's amazing how someone can change in the matter of 13 weeks because that's something I would never tell anyone except for my friends. Also I can comment whatever the fuck I want and thank you for your input I didn't ask for 😊😘
  • maribelangelicaa@kaymariewooden youre so rude. omg
  • kaymariewooden@neva.josh that's the thing people are going to reply to anything they want without you wanting an input if you put it on the internet, when we put things on the internet we leave ourselves open to that critism. Like I left myself open to critism as well which I'm completely fine with although calling someone creepy is not okay, I just always found celebrity obsession a little weird.
  • kaymariewooden@maribelangelicaa people's opinions of other things can be rude. I agree.
  • kaymariewooden@neva.josh also please note no one said "you can't comment whatever the fuck you want" or even said "you can't say that" nowhere in my wording did I state that at all. People can speak freely how they feel on the internet but that does not mean someone may not reply to it having something to say in return. That's part of life, for instance when I told you I thought what you said was very creepy and you needed help a girl replied telling me I was rude, (because in general I should of worded it totally differently and my wording was rude) but I put my opinion online and it left it open to criticism and response. People are going to comment and say how they feel about anything and have inputs on anything on the internet. That's how life is, that is reality.
  • maribelangelicaa@kaymariewooden you have good points. okay now im making myself look dumb. 😹 haha 👏🏼
  • kaymariewooden@maribelangelicaa no you aren't!! You just pointed out how I was acting and said "well that was rude" when in reality me using that wording was rude, and I opened myself up to other people's critism and opinions/feelings! So you aren't lol! You were just giving me your input! 🙌
  • neva.josh@kaymariewooden shit happens sometimes, thought you were attacking me 🤗😘
  • kaymariewooden@neva.josh No, I'm not really the attacking type! 🐙
  • lonelyheartstouru r
  • denizsu189Fav
  • kwasi.gabaYou're such an inspiration, I love you
  • aguzzvargas@aby.cares cuando salió de rehabilitación!
  • aby.cares😲estaba loca ? @aguzzvargas
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