Here's the whole issue of the matter of this week, sexuality within a marriage is a beautiful beautiful thing. God created these feelings and tendencies we have for a reason. It creates the strongest union between a man and a wife and is to be completely enjoyed. The reason for these IG's was simply to say this. We need to Guard ourselves from polluting our marriages. Wether you are married or not, guard yourself from lust.  Because there is gonna be someone, someday that you will make a covenant with for life. There is always strings attached and hearts hurt over sexuality in the wrong context. Always a girl taking more off to get approval, always a guy who can't control himself because he's enticed. Always a piece of you gone you can't replace. God meets you where you are with his grace. But strive with all your heart to let these desires be filled with the one person you make a lasting commitment too. God will bless the heck out of it!
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