I never thought that you’d deceive me,可我依旧爱你。
  • jojotsai1012I never thought that you’d deceive me,可我依旧爱你。

  • pelvicjackhammer@shockingshit if I had a girlfriend who was so psycho she would kill herself if I left her then I would. Not because I would want her to die but I wouldn't be forced to be with someone I don't want to just because she would kill herself that's fucked up
  • vixx.linpsychotic girlfriend much?!? lol why yall taking the girl's side..why would u kill yourself after a breakup..
  • scaribeariHe deserves to die😡😡😡😡😡😡For hurting u like that
  • roxaprimlol?? Really? I don't find anything funny about this. If someone is depressed and not getting help, then yeah they might kill themselves even over a BREAKUP! Whose taking sides? You sound like an insensitive idiot.
  • elena_chen03Yuck!! Really ugly!!! Shit, bad and so ugly! I wanna slap u till u die boy! 😠😠😠😠
  • elena_chen03If you don't wanna a girl like that.Why a boy love to fuck her everytime, promise wtf. I think it's type of playboy.. Just think.. No one .. Is woman or man.. They don't wanna someone lie them.. She was just too young n innocent.. She couldn't understand why he hurt her.. Why he can let her down, and why he say promise if he just wanna her body.. This man is so egoist.. Not just his mom. If he only wanna her body..better say the truth, no matter he will get or not.. So, he will never hurt this girl like this,,😟 @pelvicjackhammer
  • ellaistrash._@scaribeari the boys mother didn't like her not him
  • imkyra_claraITS ALL YOUR FALT
  • zfrasq@imkyra_clara "FAULT"
  • waelmohd16FUCK U
  • pamelavazquez28Pinche Puto!!!! Por tu culpa se mato
  • sarah.maria.talieyou kill her! asshole, she was a cute girl
  • rachel.pacEra kawaii la chica no sé porque la dejo xdd
  • emily._.reeder@sarah.vio.maria she killed herself ....
  • helleuw@elena_chen03 you should yell at him in your own language, your English doesn't make sense
  • konnyxmi@helleuw 😂😂😂😂
  • konnyxmi@sallyzehan please read Elena Chen comment
  • zzcaradoc64‌⌚世界名表1:1顶级复刻⌚#微信aaanoob ⌚世界名表1:1顶级复刻⌚#微信aaanoob ⌚世界名表1:1顶级复刻⌚#微信aaanoob ⌚世界名表1:1顶级复刻⌚#微信aaanoob ⌚世界名表1:1顶级复刻⌚#微信aaanoob ⌚世界名表1:1顶级复刻⌚#微信aaanoob
  • acard89This girl killed her self a few years ago, so this account is no longer active. Poor girl...
  • llaaamaaaFuck this dude, thanks to him she committed suicide, 我想你 JOJOTSAI )':
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