First time rocking a white dress this year ...but not the last!!Thanks @weightwatchers!
  • jessicasimpsonFirst time rocking a white dress this year ...but not the last!!Thanks @weightwatchers!

  • castro3268Going on my third time trying WW. Hope I can make it work this time! @jessicasimpson .... Any suggestions?
  • coldcoffeemandiVery inspiring!
  • eamk_@chareseington ctfuuuu
  • eamk_@mitzybalto
  • madwhitesGo Jess! Such a good feeling to accomplish what you set out to do! @jessicasimpson
  • finnleythelabLook at that tiny waist!!! You go lil mama!! Rock it and own it. Plz follow #finnleythelab
  • itsmetiI will lose that baby weight too lol
  • sunnyside_royalbeautyI love you Jess alway And forever 😘 @jessicasimpson
  • annadavey@jessicasimpson You look incredible, you are fiercely inspiring and look more beautiful than ever before. Can't wait to one day here more music from you!👗🎤🎵
  • melissalovelockYou look amazing. How many propoints are you on a day? And how many kgs/how long did JT take you to lose the weight? I've just started it and hope to lose at least 12kgs! @jessicasimpson
  • meablewsWe had our children around the same time. You were such an encouragement to me (during both pregnancies) as a beautiful pregnant woman that just enjoyed pregnancy - despite the critics. I can't imagine how difficult it was or hurtful but thank you for persevering with grace. You embraced it and set an example for the average woman that we don't have to be Hollywood skinny during pregnancy. You continue to be an example to me as you work hard on your new mommy body. I see your glow and confidence and I'm inspired to work on my mommy body. Thank you for being you! @jessicasimpson
  • iammslanaYou look amazing..
  • samgeo82@nancie305
  • yarayasminaguilarSo pretty In white
  • instamanderr@jessicasimpson I started my weight watchers journey today! I am your height and body type and was always thin but being in a relationship has made me heavier than I've ever been/wanted to be! You're my inspiration!!
  • jesssxx_iii@tete_sierra @queentaty
  • avrille_rose@jessicasimpson I want you to know that you are a true inspiration to me. Your strength and courage have helped me learn to have confidence in myself too. God bless you❤️
  • charisajohnson@sarabell487
  • jdjd28You look amayzing 💪🏻💪🏻 I know that people judge body image but you look way better like this ....... Like u said u can rock that sexy white dress and more to come
  • danijela_b_84Love
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