A little lunch reading.. 😍 #PeopleStyleWatch #vogue #cosmo #lucky
  • mauricesA little lunch reading.. 😍 #PeopleStyleWatch #vogue #cosmo #lucky

  • terressalynnEh. I actually *just* posted on my ig that I love your company bc you don't advertise the same image as these. I know you're in the fashion market but as far as inspiration goes, you can totally do better. #truebeauty #modesty #pleasedontconform
  • justnicholI just left Maurice's and women were talking about how you give real women with all types of bodies and shapes and weight a good choice of fashion that fits right. Those magazines don't support that! Keep making those trends and classic fits for real people #realbeauty @maurices
  • oliviapsalm91No! Maurices you have a great style as it is. These magazine styles are junk, please don't turn into them! :-(
  • emyasgarBlah. Those things will rot your mind.
  • brookemironFor those who don't know, @maurices clothes have been featured in some of these mags in past issues.
  • luccii_b_gorgeHow does someone reading a magazine trigger the type of clothes they market?? Df wrong with yall? If you feel that way don't purchase the clothes..
  • mrsfergulicious@maurices was recently featured in #seventeenmagazine and the model used was plus sized...we do offer many sizes, and even in these types of magazines we show that no matter your body type, we have styles that flatter all. 😊
  • heyhendersonI love reading those magazines for inspiration!!! I love taking current trends and recreating them using maurices clothes. :)
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