Sleeved jerseys are back as the league celebrates #NochesEnebea during tonight's #HEATgame!
  • miamiheatSleeved jerseys are back as the league celebrates #NochesEnebea during tonight's #HEATgame!

  • fjojrEveryone hates them. And the people who bought one have no taste. This isn't college sports.
  • michaelr1116Sucks to suck #gospursgo
  • ch_allen_gesI like the theme
  • miamiheatrepeat#👣
  • itsjoshmurga_@chino_bling79. If I'm not mistaken adidas neither any brand for any sport does not have authority to choose to make sleeved jerseys or not and anywhat why does it matter what jersey the nba uses nobody is complainin and if your sayin that because it made the hear lose, then its silly noting lebron didn't complain of it in the allstar game of course he did before the christmas game but he had to have gotten used to it. Either way adidas is topping nike at the moment
  • chino_bling79@josh_mangoe adidas is not topping Nike, unless it's in designing horrible sleaved basketball jerseys. Sorry, even if Adidas tried they'd still be behind Nike and their bball roster doesn't help with their leading endorser being out another season. Not sure where you got your info. On LeBrons complaints - When he was informed the Heat were done wearing the sleeved jerseys this season, James replied "good."
  • chino_bling79@josh_mangoe didn't know Adidas first quarter numbers were out already to make that claim. 2013 final numbers shows Nike had a 10billion difference over Adidas. Hmmmm...Not sure if that's topping.
  • matthew.dlsHeattt suckkkk Go spurs Go
  • francescadicks@basketball_swag34 Youu suckkkk and why are you even on there page
  • francescadicks@basketball_swag34 and also at least Heat has won the champs 2 times in a row
  • baller_star_22It messed up king's shot
  • trutre_21GO SPURS GO!
  • magnusrenaaUgly
  • ll.juju.llGo bulls what's wrong with you guys?
  • jacobb_04You are all wrong
  • jacobb_04Also the bulls are just cheaters
  • joshhhh.96@lukerichh
  • matthew.dlsGo spurs! Heat suck
  • awesome_16_Nice
  • _dezy_If u don't like the heat y the hell r u on this page dumbass @lazy_but_talented35
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