Tonight's factionless who I gave tickets too!
  • anselTonight's factionless who I gave tickets too!
  • gracie.elizabeth.h😭
  • ansel__fanpageThey r so LUCKY😭😭😭😭😭 I WISH I WERE THEM!!
  • emily.bokelAwe💕😍
  • littlessarahh🙌
  • eabha_jordanyour so abnegation u erudite traitor
  • _jordansanYour so abnegation y did u ever switch to erudite😂
  • rachh_evansPlease keep following people on twitter!
  • medea.gIt's said that you can't come to Austria, because I'm living and I don't have a chance to visit America and so on :/ Maybe we meet one day, hopely we do :) ly
  • alyssa_camarataAnsel do you have any advice on bullying and how to stay strong? I get bullied a lot and I feel like I'm not worth anything. I feel like a girl like me has no chance to get anywhere in life. I'm not gorgeous like you or any other famous person, I'm not smart like John Green or any other author. In reality I'm nothing. I'm sorry if you actually notice this. I'm not trying to be an attention seeking birch.
  • alyssa_camarata*bitch I just thought here would be a good place to vent bc I wouldn't be noticed
  • hazelynxStay strong sweetie💚🌙 @alyssa_camarata
  • aubz003Hey Ansel, u r me and my friends favorite actor and we both wish that we could meet u one day!❤
  • caroliineriveraCaleb♡♡♡♡
  • amivedereYou very good people !!@anselelgort
  • ambra_porcuOmg. Ansel Elgrot you're my idol.
  • abbie_huttingaIdols r bad yet i love u ansel
  • yasmine.dkDo you see this ? I dont think so😪
  • zo.sheldon@gibsonhoward this is when i first started liking ansel 😭 he's come so far
  • milis_oliveiraSo Ansel, I'm a Brazilian fan of yours and I really admire you. Even with all your fame you are humble and an incredible person, and I would really like to meet you, can you come to Brazil?
  • milis_oliveira@anselelgort
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