• charellthomasBO$$ Black T"s Hood Rich
  • cleo_gets_it_poppin$hit was lit up in VIP lastnite!! Turn the fuck up @richforever
  • iamdayveboss
  • xclusive_rockstar🙌 @richforever 😘
  • veryvalencaYou are a bitch @richforever
  • pritcharddubeCazal 616 Love that Sh*t Damn
  • melly_2xExcuse me
  • sty_kashYaaay daddy seen u tonite on Arsenio hall show 😍😍😍😍😘
  • aaronmccain217Ain't no body till somebody kills you!
  • fetti_chas3rRoss give me that opportunity my nigha and I promise u imma bring the money home !!!!!!
  • godfavoredpeeYou the Man
  • ladybarbieMy everything ♥♥♥ @richforever
  • ale_carlettoCome to Italy!!!!🙏 #boss @richforever
  • benjamin.greyyGive me please 1k dollars
  • mun_dani_tyYou were just made for this 😘
  • brandonjseeleyHow are you Mr. Ross I know that this is a long shot but I'm def gonna try and try. I'm in the Airforce currently and debating on getting out here soon, my passion is fashion, music, traveling and all that. My dream would to work for a major artists in the game as a personal assistant doing everything I can to make that person comfortable and happy. Whether it be with fashion, being there for uhm on the road just doing whatever it takes. I'm not asking for a favor but an opportunity, in this world it's who you know and I feel you're on the top right now. I see everyone asking for handouts but I want that opportunity. If you looked at my page you wouldn't even be able to tell I'm in the military and everyone says the feel my passion is in something else. I want that life, I want to be able to support my family doin what I love, let my mama retire where she doesn't have to worry bout a thing. I just want that shot, I got the work ethic like no other, whatever is asked of me I'd do. I want to be part of your team, someone you can trust that's never gonna slow down no matter what happens. I respect you rozay 🙏 be so dope for you to have even read this. Sending positive vibes on more continued success with you
  • redhott81😍
  • ablo.wescobar@richforever Ik you prolly won't get back at me but I'm a thorough young artist. I'm really inspired by ya music especially from ur deeper than rap album my favorite song is Valley of Death.... I don't have anything out yet, but if u are able to get back at me I'll throw sumthing together. But u probly busy getting to this money then to rather help a young brother out. I understand thou u doing u if u don't get back at me
  • ablo.wescobar@richforever @richforever @richforever
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