Carry a cup of sunshine.
  • teavanateaCarry a cup of sunshine.

  • kendal331@_heart_strings_ people be cray this teas is delicious
  • teaaholic@queencarissa_ read about this and blogged about it myself. it's one thing to add stuff to your teas but it's another to call it high quality and price it high. @countessbey
  • runner_girl84Haag
  • runner_girl84Oops my son got a hold of my iPad lol
  • axcelerationdesigns@teaaholic & @queencarissa if you have a problem write to the company. That's the only way things will change. Winning about it on a instagram post won't do anything :/ And if you want real information go into a store and talk to the baristas. I did and they were very transparent and truthful about their products.
  • teavanateaHi @teaaholic & @queencarissa: Teavana takes tea seriously. We strive to offer customers the best quality teas the world has to offer and by carefully choosing every ingredient for flavor, color, visual appeal and aroma. Our scented teas are infused with flavor through the use of flower blossoms. Our flavored teas contain tea, fruit pieces, herbs, spices, flower petals and other ingredients as well as flavorings that can be natural or synthetic. Our unflavored pure teas are natural products consisting of tea and no other ingredients. Teavana customers enjoy selecting from our wide variety of tea and picking one that is best suited for their preferences. For further information, all of Teavana’s ingredients are listed online at Additionally, Starbucks has reviewed the report issued by Glaucus Research Group, a short seller that had a vested interest in lowering the value of Teavana stock. The report does not identify the laboratory that conducted its tests, and therefore we are not able to comment on the accuracy, validity, or reliability of the testing methods and results referred to in the report. Tea sold in Teavana stores is safe and meets Starbucks high quality standards.
  • tiaimsf@teavanatea Do you realize that you didn't even tag the correct person? It is @queencarissa_ Just saying.
  • ashley.smith18@teavanatea Marshmallow Macaron tea is amazing! I'm do addicted!
  • theremnantya@guttie2010 @bernie_without_the_eee
  • prettynails_andtea@teavanatea yum!
  • axcelerationdesigns@queencarissa_ don't get me wrong I read the comments before posting.
  • kendal331@queencarissa_ they have the right to remove any comments that are provoking negative feedback on their instagram. Also ones that really don't seem to be accurate. This isn't a rating site. Its a place pretty pictures.
  • axcelerationdesigns@queencarissa_ yes I read that
  • gpsysolAt work today I blended #MarsmallowMacaron with #SilverNeedle and #StrawberryParaiso. Teavana employee. ☕️
  • loloagavniIsn't it enough that Teavana became nut free, got rid of all the nut ingredients & removed even ALMOND milk from their tea bars to accommodate everyone. I for one am@an almond milk lover & prefer it over soy, but I wasn't crying a river when they made their decision... & now there are a bunch of vegans complaining about ONE, JUST ONE tea out of the 100 that you can't have! BOO HOO!!!! It's not the end of the world, everyone else is enjoying it, stop trying to rain I everyone's parade! DRINK ANOTHER TEA! ----- it's like going into a clothing store & saying, "I don't like that this shirt has long sleeves! Why can't they make ALL the shirts short-sleeved?" ... YOU have control over what you drink, you control what you buy. No one is forcing you to buy this tea!
  • missmiggie1993Tried this tea too good good good good
  • nai_not_noaWhich tea is this one?!
  • jessie_carliiYou should really cool it @loloagavni
  • ani1302@lidaeee 1k ham in
  • suha_hs@manal_ahmad_a تصفحي الحساب جميل
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