• tappybeeDerpface with the Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key. #johnkeyatvic #pm #johnkey #primeminister

  • violetotakuThat awesome
  • nzstuffWe're loving this photo @tappybee - story on it going live on www.stuff.co.nz soon. Cheers for the lols!
  • scottbolton_Hitchings?
  • happyandnutzNice one. Saw this on Stuff (& the moaners) so thought I'd jump over and give you another ♥
  • eveoswaldThis is halerious! !
  • richdrakefordsaw this on stuff and thought it was brilliant. obviously Rachael chief executive takes herself a bit too seriously. perhaps vshes doing avbad job and now blames the pm for having some fun
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