The #USMNT is Cyprus bound. #USAvUKR
  • ussoccerThe #USMNT is Cyprus bound. #USAvUKR

  • traisha__Okayyy bsheaaa 💪 @brekshea
  • nariveraBe safe
  • architect2013Go UKR...j/k GO USA!
  • robt2188@chrisf_60 go USA!
  • mfontaine18Oh do they get a chartered flight to a non fifa tourney because they have never brought home any hardware unlike uswnt? Sweet, have a great time at that shitty tourney
  • zackageweaAlways can pick apart @brekshea
  • morgansmith_20Shut up @mollnuts women's soccer sucks Thad's why they don't get any thing special
  • adamtrimmerBrek Shea is such a dork
  • shannoncurley18Women's soccer sucks?? LOL it's a different style of play and the uswnt is the best in the world at it! Any true lover of the game can appreciate that and all soccer. Every player for the mens team can even appreciate it, they're each other's biggest fans. Whys it so hard to enjoy being a fan of both national teams?
  • shannoncurley18This was supposed to be my first comment but the ignorance of someone else's got to me. Anyway, the uswnt is looking badass in those new suits! I like everything except the actual kit... Nike could've done better.
  • notorious__007@themacstack They're going to Cyprus not the Ukraine.
  • charlson_25@mollnuts yeah. Makes sense. Couple months ago the USWNT and the U-16
  • charlson_25Played a scrimmage. U-16 won 7-0. Wambach later said, "16 year old boys are really fast". The level between the men's and women's teams are totally different. I respect the women's team more than anything. Buy think before you comment next time
  • danjackson10My man Cody cropper
  • coolcatswearsweatersPlaying in the middle of a civil war and Russian invasion. Can't be worse than Azteca.
  • elmazatlecoThere long faces after they found out about the new ugly ass uniforms!.
  • joeroman09Is that you @discjockeybob09 in the middle? @mrpatricktye
  • chriscanttakepixThey hate their new boring, all white, glorified polo shirt looking kits. LOL
  • cmunoz1895@alebedoya stuntin'
  • kayla_swank_@total_ninety I know right
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