"I was in a red mood," @kimkardashian tells PEOPLE of her choice in lips and dress for the #EJAFOscarParty. (Check out @kourtneykardash in the back!)
  • people"I was in a red mood," @kimkardashian tells PEOPLE of her choice in lips and dress for the #EJAFOscarParty. (Check out @kourtneykardash in the back!)

  • nyekeegurlGo home Kim!
  • vieve48That is literally so true!!!! Deah! Becoming so insightful! @deeah44
  • misslyngettingfitAgree @deeah44
  • brookson12Haha look at all the people agreeing with u ya little sicko @deeah44
  • jess_f78Why are you even there??????
  • janet_g_2Why are the Kardashian's at the Oscars? They should be at the Razzie party instead.
  • shandlineShe looks amazing!!
  • livelaughlovelife24They were at an Oscar viewing party hosted by Elton Johns Aids foundation.
  • mitch_mrozik_tall_famShe thinks she deserves and Oscar for her sex tape.
  • yobeepbeepI thought she looked great. 👍
  • stacey_marie73The Kardashian's shouldn't be involved in anything Oscar related. I was enjoying the pics, til now.
  • sharon_back2romeI agree completely with staceym_0112!
  • jdel10She's a waste of space
  • no.estoy.aquiFor what ?
  • hamilton4realI have to agree, I was enjoying these pics till her. Wtf?? She only "famous " cuz she made a set tape, but then again didn't her sister did too?
  • vadahoppusDisgusting
  • mileeyy123Lmao kim makes people so mad. She looks stunning
  • kjl30Does she have to be everywhere? So sick of all of them! Got lucky...no real talent!
  • lasweetie0522Lucky and the big butt!!! Lol
  • julieb1946She famous for not doing nothing she short 5"2 big fake booty looking funny her legs and thighs thin with huge booty not normal her face so plastic so people magazine just putting her pictures in there magazine for money but most of her fans are young adults and teenagers do they really buy your magazine she didn't sell out any famous person on vogue when she and her husband where on there
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