|| LONG DISTANCE, a #whptelephone in two acts || Act II: The Breakup
  • misspotterphd|| LONG DISTANCE, a #whptelephone in two acts || Act II: The Breakup

  • misspotterphd@sejkko Me too. Kind of a kick in the gut. (Plus my PhD dissertation had a chapter on intellectual property.) Thanks again for going to the trouble.
  • sejkkoNo problem! I loved this photo from the whp so much - not an easy one to forget! What was your phd on?
  • misspotterphdThanks! It was on nineteenth-century British lit -- specifically, children who were bestselling authors in Victorian Britain. I was one year ahead of @kateviews (who I believe you know from Amselcom) in the same University program.
  • misspotterphdWhoops. 👆@sejkko
  • sejkkoOh wow! Is there a link?
  • loveo_@misspotterphd I apologize to you if I have bothered. His image they sent by mail and did not know it was you. Me never appropriated any private image that can not be shared. Personally ask my excuses, I am dedicated to the production of art and I have no commercial interest in my profile intagram. Only texts in Spanish accompanied with images that I like and I suggest. My excuses if I bothered you
  • loveo_@sejkko siento mucho haber causado esa molestia, en absoluto es, ni nunca ha sido, mi intención. Tampoco será escusa el hecho de que no conociera la procedencia de la imagen para no poner el crédito, tienes toda la razón. Como he intentado expresar en inglés a su propietaria lamento mucho la situación ya que solo pretendo con imágenes y textos comunicar situaciones, momentos, sin nada más. No soy ajeno a la belleza, profesionalmente me dedico a la producción de arte en serigrafía y trabajo directamente con pintores y artistas y soy muy sensible a situaciones como la que ha ocurrido hoy. De nuevo lamento la incomodidad y espero sepa escusarme.
  • cookieperez78👌👍👌
  • sejkkoJust revisited this. Together with a butterfly by @quietpoem and a field of rice by @puanindya my top three favourite photos in my Instagram journey so far.
  • puanindyaAww dear.. I'm so honored @sejkko ❤️. Which field of rice anyway? I'm curious! I took quite a lot of picts of rice fields ☺️
  • misspotterphdWow, @sejkko,# thanks for that very high praise! I follow you and @puanindya, but hadn't seen @quietpoem's lovely gallery.
  • misspotterphdP.S. A hashtag as a typo? Only an instagramer's thumb would do that. ;) @sejkko
  • _tania420_Wow Katie I missed a lot. And it's been on fire!
  • misspotterphdThanks Tania. I'm trying to be more consistent with posting. :) @_tania420_
  • misspotterphd#fiatlowanglepromo
  • haehnlesarris@evesarris @jillsarris
  • petraholainPerfect!
  • antique_r_usAbsolutely lovely! Will you please tag it #antique_r_us ? Thank you!
  • sejkkoI keep coming back to this. If somebody asked me what photos I would cite as instagram's classics I would definitely add this one to the top of a short list.
  • pawblopicasso@sprucevintage 👠👍
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