That's recycling homie. #stringitforward
  • laxallstarsThat's recycling homie. #stringitforward

  • seamc13Hey @colms94 how's Lubing your butt with all the baseball boys at praccy doing?
  • lake_25@colms94 just stop you've clearly never played and we've all played baseball here. You compare it to molesting people and that's histerical thanks @laxallstars great point
  • _storf@laxallstars thank you
  • colmseigne@seamc13 last comment for me but:.. Better then having people who've lacrosse sticks up each other's assholes.
  • colmseigneI'm out
  • billiamwinZzzzzzzzz
  • seamc13Class act buddy talking like that means you're going pro!!! @colms94 have fun!!
  • sneaker_pursuit@bailey8166 😂😂😂😂😂😂 "go circle jerking with your friends" 😂😂 @colms94 shut the fuck up you're a pussy bitch it's not hard to hit a ball , or catch one now stfu leave
  • colmseigne@northeast_stringss it's not hard to hit a ball and catch because baseballs the national pastime of America, but it's not hard to hit an easy ball, most people throw more then 70 mph and have all types of pitches
  • vegas_strings@colms94 why would u comment like that about lacrosse? I mean first of all it looks like u hate lax so why are u commenting on one of the biggest lacrosse accounts on insta, and second why insult a sport youve obviously never played and are just making it up as an excuse to not get lit up about how u havent tried it so dont bitch about it
  • vegas_strings@colms94 @laxallstars yeah i agree,why are u internet trolling? you could spend this time getting better at baseball. You dont see any lacrosse players going on to baseball threads and being a douche and talking shit about baseball, so go, get a life, play some baseball, and dont go looking for trouble. especially on a pic posted by someone who has 19000+ followers that will all hate u the instant they read ur comments
  • colmseigneWell that's cause mlb has 725k followers who would all wreck your ass, so they don't
  • colmseigne@jaxon_wright
  • sneaker_pursuit@colms94 that's actually funny because most people shoot a ball about 70 mph and the fastest shot was 120 mph.
  • _storf@colms94 lacrosse players don't "talk shit " on baseball pages because we have class and respect you as sportsmen. In fact I'm a season ticket holder for baseball
  • colmseigne@bailey8166 obviously you have "swag" too
  • _storf? @colms94
  • vegas_strings@colms94 you do realize that no one gives a shit about ur opinion and u should just gtfo because u are going no where with this
  • vegas_strings@bailey8166 @comls94 i have to agree, its great that baseball has so many followers, but we do have class, most people arent the "lax bro swag" character, when we say we hvae class it means we dont go do stupid things. like internet trolling, we mind our own business. People like u are the definition of why most lax players dont like baseball players, the reason being is because ur comin up on a lax thread talking shit about lax and saying that baseball is better. so next time think about your actions before you do them and have a nice day
  • daviddep1I have one question what kind of name is colm like god your parents must hate you @colms94
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