Holy Terror with house mix & ginger-pickled vegetable spear. 
#bloodymary #nwpickletour #stumptownvegans #sagaexcursion #missingheat
  • jdfunksHoly Terror with house mix & ginger-pickled vegetable spear.
    #bloodymary #nwpickletour #stumptownvegans #sagaexcursion #missingheat

  • notnasYou know there's been a big pickling trend in Milwaukee! Lots of places making in house, if you need to extend your tour!
  • thespicyveganFuuuuuuck. Want so hard.
  • bestbloodymaryCheers!
  • karlabitsI was there this morning! First time eating, wasn't in love.
  • jdfunks@thespicyvegan smuggle in some hot sauce!!!!!
  • thespicyveganGreat idea!!
  • notionsickI was there with karla! I almost got a Bloody Mary. I certainly will be next time. The moonlit mocha was sweet for my taste. And doesn't come iced! What do you get to eat for breakfast there? I love the pride of Portland (green juice + simple brown rice bowl).
  • jdfunks@notionsick @karlabits aw, I can't believe you two were there! Maeve and I were around 12/1pm. It was my first time for brunch and only my third time there. I had the Acadian bowl and it was good! I liked flavor of the Bloody Mary take but wanted a kick!
  • jdfunks@notnas I wish!! One day.
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