New blog post tonight examining the current state of the "mommy blog" in regards to consumer overkill 😳 #blameitontherain *photo by @thestorkandthebeanstalk
  • houseinhabitNew blog post tonight examining the current state of the "mommy blog" in regards to consumer overkill 😳 #blameitontherain *photo by @thestorkandthebeanstalk

  • bowievalentineI understand what you mean, precisely. It's the lack of transperancy given how blatant the advertorials and sponsored posts are. I tuned out after I noticed that a blog I favoured - probably the most renouned mother blogger - announced her fourth pregnancy in a sponsored post. I began to think about how one would go about arranging that, a bidding war perhaps? It's not for me.
    I have a small blog that I keep purely because I love to write and I would like to keep a record of this time in my life for my daughter. I chose to host it on tumblr purely because I don't want folks to be able to comment. When you start to adhere to an audience things get blurred, I think such a thing should be for oneself primerily and ones children secondly.
    But if one needs the income, let's all look at each other in the eye at least.
  • houseinhabitI think a lot of people are feeling the same frustrations @thelongbonds - it's the reason I decided to finally post & share the conversation here. I think we all enjoyed particular blogs for various reasons. A few years ago. most of which involved a feeling of connection to women in similar points in their life, raising kids, learning to cook or care for a new family, ect. For awhile it was fun, and inspiring to drop in & see what these sites were up to. What they were sharing and so on. Now I just feel mostly (completely) bored by so much of the content headlining these sites that I just don't read even a fraction of what I use to. I mean honestly, I don't get excited to read or visit much of anything because it all feels the same as a pretty catalogue. I get them in the mail, flip mindlessly through pretty pictures then toss it in the trash, without giving it a second thought. Same with so many of the mainstream blogs these days. Which is really such a shame seeing how the dynamics of motherhood reach far & wide, and the topics could really be endless. Also, the idea of a blogging "community" has been fully blighted by egos and endorsements. It seems mostly about how cool and enviable you can make your life look online with zero regard for the actual benefit of your reader. Which, in my book is probably the saddest part of all.
  • houseinhabitInteresting points @mrsl_h - personally, I don't mind bloggers making money off their blogs. It's a lot of work to keep up a quality site that entertains & answers back and keeps an audience satisfied. I just wish the content would change a little and focus less on pushing us to spend and more on inspiring us on real life levels with quality content & more considerate advertising. It's a simple notion that seems too easily overlooked these days & it's quickly turning lots of people off. Hopefully the conversation helps turn the wheels, if even just a little?
  • bowievalentine@houseinhabit such a double edged sword. I know a few people who started of the same as I, not here nor there about an audience but once they got it felt that the audience owed them something because of the time they spent blogging. Demand doesn't have to generate supply in my opinion. At the end of the day we choose the pastime. Ps you are truly a lady. I had a high risk pregnancy and nearly lost my daughter, something small you wrote really gave me comfort. You should know that.
  • houseinhabitThe good news is, this new blog will feature more of those kind of personally dedicated posts - the kind of stuff we really want to read about right? @mrsl_h I know that once I experienced that loss it was very nice to know others had been there and could relate. Again, it's all about feeling semi related, on any level. Xo
  • olivebyrneInstagram is becoming a marketers dream also I've noticed..lots of the same products turning up in every other feed I'm following,it's clearly a good place to advertise and more and more pictures of product seriously wrecks my head as alot of said products are astronomical and not all of us have the money growing tree on our seems to be becoming almost competitive round here..I see people mentioning seasonal "collections" when it comes to childrens clothes..that pains me.#rantover 😤
  • meaghancurryi have been a little fixated on this ever since you mentioned it. i think, for me as a reader, more than even product placement and selling, is the idea that blogs can perpetuate the competition between mothers/wives/families/children rather than be something relatable and supportive. and maybe it is part in parcel that if your blog has more personal content rather than glossy "ads" for family, that will just be the natural result.
  • thelongbondsAnother thought: people also have to WANT TO read meaningful content, and that takes a good, solid writer, and that's pretty rare, especially in the blogosphere. I think that's a big part of why images reign supreme in the format - the writing can be pretty atrocious.
  • houseinhabitYes I agree there too 👆 @thelongbonds
  • houseinhabitExactly. @meaghancurry - so many of the big time blogs have become so off balance that they've taken on this cool girl vs regular folk (audience) attitude that feeds off of plain envy instead of a securing a platform that offers respectful connections & support for the woman / parents reading. It's a big turn off and one aspect I will pay careful mind to in this new endeavor. And Maybe you're right, in that, at some point, your audience IS what you've made of if. So that we only visit these said sites to get gift ideas or come across something We might want, rather than need. But in the end, It's a boring cycle you know you need to break.
  • ladyjmitchellNew follower here! First of all -- kudos to you for your honesty. I feel like so many of us have been thinking + feeling this stuff for a long time now. I had a blog for years and ended up shutting it down after I found myself being too caught up in the whirlwind of the mommy blogging competition and I didn't like the way it felt AT ALL... it's a weird world and you really have to be careful about online friendships - some women are all about social climbing and have no problem stepping on you to move on up. All the product placement and sponsored content... it's pretty gross. If mommy blogging success means selling my kid's privacy down the river to get free boots and internet fame, count me out. I blog for fun, not for profit. 
  • kelseygerhardOh man I missed this. I have so much to catch up on! Good for you. xx
  • agate_mermaidJust read this blog post and seriously, bravo! So well written and versed. So on point and I just wanted to scream "amen" after each sentence. I couldn't agree more and I'm so fed up with all the false blogs out there that are so surface level !
  • lisamboyceLoved this Jess. It's funny you posted this because just today you randomly popped into my head. Or I should say your ig gallery and blog. I was thinking/feeling the exact same way -- about blogs, ig, social media in general and when I tried to think of someone who stands out as raw and real, you came to mind. Your blog and instagram photos are like a serious breath if fresh air. You probably don't even realize how much so. So much has changed. So many people as well. I know people have to do what they have to do, but it's still quite sad. Especially when I refer to "the good ol days" that were just a few short years ago.
  • bonifousYup.
  • herjoyfilledheartOh Jessica I love your heart! just read your blog - can't reply there so apologies for doing it here but just wanted to say how much I loved it! I don't do Pinterest and rarely read blogs for many of the reasons you listed .. If I want perfect images and stories of perfect people and perfect homes that no one can ever measure up to I'll read a catalogue! .. I've always loved your ig feed for its realness, rawness, and oh so true to life moments ( ok, and because Leon is oh so darn funny!!!) . Don't ever change to fit the 'mold' Jess, let them cast a new mold after you 😘
  • nisaannI have to go read your blog now because I was just telling my husband tonight that I am going to stop following so many unoriginal and artificial IG accounts. Haha. I'm sick of all the staged, unreal photos. :)
  • 13.starsThe way he is looking at you!!! Total love! So precious.
  • mimosahandcraftedOh my. This was good from all sides. I get overwhelmed at the beautiful unattainable worlds I see in these little squares every day but I didn't expect to be so embarrassingly convicted and humbled at how guilty I am of so many of these 'sins' as well. Turkish rugs, check, kids doing something adorable in something cute from etsy, check...I could probably go on but I'll spare myself the discomfort that comes such a self examination. I agree with everything you wrote and I'm sorry I didn't see it sooner. It's so easy to get caught up in this little world, but I'm thankful for people like you with a voice and the will to use it honestly and openly. Just writing a caption here or there can be so time consuming I can't imagine doing all the work a blog takes, if you're taking all that time why not make it thoughtful and real. It's what people long for anyway whether they know it or not. I couldn't agree with @thelongbonds more. I've just caught on to the minimalism movement with people like Joshua Becker and The Minimalists. I hadn't thought of myself as overly consuming and I hadn't really thought of minimalism as anything other than a design aesthetic until recently but once your eyes are open to it it's all you see-everything you see is someone selling you something or trying to convince you you need something. We've been on a spending freeze for a month now, doing the 100 item challenge and the 37 item wardrobe. It's unbelievable how liberating not consuming has been and how much more room there is in our house now for life and living since we've been drastically downsizing possessions. I got off on a rant here but I think it all ties together (I hope :) I feel another movement undertow and I think it's good, one of community and real reaching out. I pray I'd had groups like the ones I've found here when I went through my MC. Like Seth Godin said "networking is always important when it's real and it's always a useless distraction when it's fake" a little excerpt from this: thanks again for this, I am a fan of your work, it is a gift, thanks for sharing.
  • sampicalebNice
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