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  • catrinpughLook what I can do!!!!

  • naominotnaiomiSo proud of you Cat!!!!! Xxxx
  • alexx_w7So proud, you can do this again for me and Amber tomorrow!! Xx
  • hodjulesWohooooo :) hugs xxx
  • betht8You are amazing!!!! @catrinpugh 😚👍 xx
  • gracethorneLove you so much, so proud xxxx
  • mollyyyyjrWooo you go girl!! So proud of you😚
  • holly_e_wilsonAmazing! :) love you 💜
  • katiejgeeAmazing 😍😍😍😍
  • paullyb86Just read your story such an inspiration and what an amazing smile 😄 xxx
  • lozibeth7Also just read your story through a news link...what a girl! Best of luck for all future adventures 💪
  • rjwecology@catrinpugh well done - keep going!
  • p_lamont86Just read your story in the paper...you are such an inspiration, your positive attitude and the things you have accomplished are astonishing. All the best conquering your list which I have no doubt you will do! @catrinpugh 😚😃 xx
  • beefranoI was a student nurse on Intensive care in Whiston while you were there...im always thinking about how you are getting on! was made up when I heard your name on the radio :) x
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