Tomorrow - me n dr oz - 1 on 1
  • rosieTomorrow - me n dr oz - 1 on 1

  • davidmc<3
  • music4lyfe92Rosie you are the greatest! And I just watched you in Harriet the spy again since my childhood, you and your garden were always the best part!
  • a_badmamajamaYay! I love watching both of you all!
  • momoneykahkahSuch a great teacher
  • aekfuturewriter13@idamonm I loved her in Harriet the spy too! :-) she rocks!
  • fi_faLooking good Rosie!
  • redpelkLove this!
  • rebekahmusicsoulgirl14Aww
  • steviedawnJust finished watching you n Joe Rogan :)
  • kamiwoodLook forward to it!
  • pauldes07Awesome!!! I was almost on his show last week. I'm really hoping to be able to come to your show. I turn 50 this year
  • monsieurfoss@rosie Your 2 days with Kathy Griffin were brilliant television. It was one of the best celeb interviews I have ever seen. Loved it, keep it up!!!!
  • nolagoddess1978I agree with monsieurfoss. You are my two favourite Irish ladies!!
  • innisbrianI needs to get on the rosie show
  • mizhollywoodSuch a great interview love the one on ones so real
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