Disco fever…a sneak peek of tonight's #glee episode on at 8/7c @GLEEonFOX
  • gwynethpaltrowDisco fever…a sneak peek of tonight's #glee episode on at 8/7c @GLEEonFOX

  • jmc123457You were high on cocaine Rico tuarez sold you 3 8 balls in the parking lot of the willshire hotel prior to the shoot three sources have confirmed that you propositioned waiter john Coles with cocaine and sex acts. You have kids please stop
  • taylorthegrate#NOBODYLIKESPALTROW
  • taylorthegrateWho gives a fuck if they break up. Get your own lives and stop worrying about somebody else's just because they have money. Nobody gives a fuck about somebody's marriage. They're just people. She's not a good actress anyway. Idk how chris put up with her
  • _titanium_1_The most monotone couple have broken up- BIG DEAL- JUST ANOTHER HEY LOOK AT US FOR 2 MINUTES SITUATION...
  • zedronchWhy are you so fabulous?!
  • iron_man_foreverI think that's very mean to say why must you comment things like that? Ya we're just people. Serial killer: " they were just people why should I care if I killed them?" I do like Gwyneth and devorces are very hard on a familyand they should have there privacy and be given comfort I'm sorry but I had speak up and say that to you after you said that @taylorthegratest
  • ruthhhaile@taylorthegratest if you are a better actor I'm sure we would all know your name. Your bio says something about changing the world.. HA! How? By spreading hate? Why the fuck are you on her page if you don't like her? Stay off it.
  • matt_king_80Do you play ironman 3
  • natihorenczykPleaseee follow mee y love you!!
  • marthakind14@gwynethpaltrow u r a Great actress #theroyaltenenbaums
  • fatiminha@rosaliarp porque tu no me das glee ya?????!
  • khoelpLoved this episode! Just bought the song! Xo
  • elainepetrine👠👠🚨
  • gallantfoxlaYou go girl 👍
  • kcformosoLove this episode! :)
  • deckemYou nailed it!
  • javiert0rresI really love you, I met you on Glee. Holly Holliday! :]
  • ceroneddieI love this song ❤
  • summerrossillo@baskyeetball u jam
  • oohkimberPlease please check your direct messages please, thanks a ton!! 😃 @gwynethpaltrow
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