Thanks Lena #bizarrefoods
  • chefazThanks Lena #bizarrefoods

  • heartsf424Really good episode, incredible family.
  • ni_ni06@chefaz beautiful. I love when you visit my home state. Alaska is such a wonderful place
  • mellamolamadingdong#bizarreshoes
  • meilan23Those slippers look comfy!
  • jpmed19Watching now!! ☺️
  • hongrataSuch a great episode! Thanks @chefaz
  • aka_delahuertaWow!!! I just seen the show. I love them. #moccasins
  • samantharose927Such a good episode!
  • messycanbeerYour best Alaska episode!
  • snowbittyOmg I need a pair of those !!!! Love you so much Andrew! And thanks for the cooking tips.
  • ripe_mangoesAwesome piece from awesome people!
  • kelseyscookingI JUST saw this episode!!! They seemed like such amazing people, I hope you keep in touch with them! You almost looked choked up when she gave you those slippers. Was a beautiful moment .
  • brookeb1965That show was awesome. I love that family. I wish Lena was my grandma.
  • imhusemanGreat show. The family was so gracious and generous.
  • erinlossetBeautiful beadword.
  • senorita_butterfly79You make moose fat sounds so enticing. I want to try.
  • hognfrog@danschneeb
  • jdalaly@chefaz I always do impressions of you on bizarre foods to my family and I'm getting pretty good.. Goes something like this "This is a Donkey anal gland, marinated in human bile. it tastes kinda metallic... mixed with a sour, fermented like taste, it has an after note of alligator feces.. the texture is like antique boot leather... the stench actually reminds me of a 20 year old gym bag filled with vomit. It surprisingly all goes well and is rather enjoyable" chef Andrew, I love how you always make sure never to insult them at the end of your explanation. That is my favorite part. Cheers
  • c8edid1^LOL!! @chefaz, I love how you have a knack for fitting in with people of any culture, from any part of the world. It is inspiring.
  • nitabent93Hashtag #moosefat! I love the episodes where you visit NDNs!
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