Kevan Miller drives the net before ripping a shot on Chad Johnson at this morning's pregame skate. #NHLBruins
  • nhlbruinsKevan Miller drives the net before ripping a shot on Chad Johnson at this morning's pregame skate. #NHLBruins

  • janeyrnWho the fuck is kevan miller
  • jpdonn@janeyrn He came up from providence a while back lol he's played 38 games for us. Get to know him he should be here a while
  • blyne20It looks like you don't know anything about hockey
  • derekj10If you don't know who players are don't post on something about the bruins bandwagoners
  • _mr.mitchell_Miller has been playing so well to fill the GermanTanks place..which no one can lol
  • janeyrn@jpdonn. Ok I'll try. Hopefully he'll do more to earn my attention.
  • tigs_digsLook for #86. That's your guy. Plays defense and gets in fights sometimes. Knocks opponents on their ass in front of bruins net sometimes.
  • mrdanielahmedGO HABS GO
  • seaann37please dont call yourself a bruins fan he played most of last month with Bergeron and marchy
  • catherineplantee@seanxx37 are you saying kevan miller plays with bergeron and marchand...? because he's defense
  • johnraimo@seanxx37 Millar plays defense
  • bruinsimagines1@janeyrn kevan miller plays great. You dont hear tons about him cause he plays D, but he does great at it
  • grace.watsonWho's playing net tonight? Anybody know?
  • jtwirrell47Rask @grace__watson
  • schneids_sam_48Ur clearly not a real bruins fan. Saying u like chara the best is saying oh ya tom Brady is awesome yay go patriots woo. True fans like players not everybody says they like. @_badeau_
  • arthurwilll@schneids_sam_48 but what if he actually likes chara there bud? Jus cause he likes someone Boston needs doesnt mean hes mainstream, so shutup.
  • mike1taz@schneids_sam_48 who are you to judge?? You can like whomever you want, as long as you are a fan!!
  • cpitaro19Fuck the habs
  • robert446688If chara fights anyone tonight it better be that softie paches he's such a coward, it bring a tear to my eye if he rag dolled him like Neal way back haha
  • stunyeWe know Chara knows how to stop them, not to mention any names...
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