I spy a camera man. 😱😂
  • j_evans1219I spy a camera man. 😱😂

  • missbatman1105Ain't that the damn truth HahAha. Pathetic. @mindili
  • kimmie.smittieLoL!! @mindili
  • mamamyers_SHE got herself a charger and then CLAIMS her unemplyed boyfriend who has no license or inc and 3 duis, went to a car dealer ship and bought her a car LOLOLOLOL YA FUCKIN RIGHT
  • jessica21xoAw his sweet time share selling job didn't last? What a shocker 😂 @mamamyers_ he's such a tool
  • krissnyder7I find it funny how someone makes a negative remark bout JE. And everyone goes crazy and bitch people out .lol like jenelle is their bestie..puhleeez
  • lauriefieldsDo you all not see the man across the street with the camera? THAT'S what she is talking about! Duh!
  • karie_lynn_leo83I hope this means a new season! Love you Janelle, Nathan, and jace. ...,fuck the haters
  • karie_lynn_leo83And Barbara!💝💝💝💝💝💝💝💝
  • robbiechadmaxOr a spin off of her pregnancy
  • robbiechadmaxSocial media ruins all the surprises I knew about the new season of 16 and pregnant last July and now it's finally coming in April
  • __blessedliife_3Theing doing a "being jennelle" ?
  • mindili@kinsley86 right!? Haha
  • robbiechadmaxThe girls got pregnant claimed it was unplanned in order to get on the show.. I knew what sex was at age 9
  • robbiechadmaxNow the ex girlfriends of the ex baby daddies are getting famous all thanx to tm2
  • laurita_quirozI found it sad that on today's episode after 48 hours you cry and hold your boyfriend when you go longer not seeing your son and show zero emotion.
  • robbiechadmaxYea saying I love u then getting mad at nathan for texting some girl but u text ryan
  • _krystalgaylee@laurita_quiroz seriously !!! Amen !
  • _axlxi@laurita_quiroz sOooo true
  • mistyarkell@laurita_quiroz I noticed that too. Major red flag there. I was disgusted.
  • mckenzieroskom@laurita_quiroz 👌👌👌
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