Road trip with Indy and @paulkhoury
  • ashleygreeneRoad trip with Indy and @paulkhoury

  • justthischick1996Awe that's just to cute !!!! Hi Ashley just wanted to tell you that you are beautiful and I was so thrilled when I heard you got the role of Alice in twilight !!! Lol she was always my favorite oh and I loved the apparition.... And I was just wondering if you could tell me your great grandmothers name cause my granny and her late husband was from Jacksonville and there last name was Greene and I would be so happy if we were related even if I never got to meet you just to be able to say that I'm related to you would be a huge honor !!! Even tho meeting you would be amazing sometimes ya gotta settle for what ya can get anyways lemme know ❤️❤️❤️❤️ keep doin what ya do I'm rooting for ya all the way 💜summer ann
  • mr_jefferBelaaa
  • guessing ur not aloud to.follow fans which is a bummer u know how great it would feel to meet someone likeu it would be breath taking (:
  • rommellopez8So cute
  • _cindydora_Please follow me alice ♥
  • _kaitannSpamming
  • angelcasti84Hermosa so beautiful
  • anna.vkrbeautiful:*follow me please:D
  • justinejeukenslohestDear Ashley,you'll probably never read this. But I just wanna say, u are my role model . Everytime I feel lost or I go to the hospital and go back to my job ,I remember u cuz you're like a gorgeous , talented and super strong lady.thank u to be simply who u are .
  • rosiclerrodrigues95I love you
  • iam_pierreandre👣👣
  • iam_pierreandreBeautiful
  • manoelll_juniorSo BEAUTIFULLL!!!💗
  • bbbbrenso perfect.
  • iliana_rbYou are so beautiful ... you are just perfect ! Love u !!!!
  • jujubrandtI love you
  • valenncarbone#forever
  • k_anupam65Beautiful eyes. So beautiful. Love you a lot ash.
  • jescopix@teedee_art
  • alessandratch@sandratravaglini
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