It was a beautiful day in #Colorado. How was your #Sunday Funday? #PreserverSeries
  • otterboxIt was a beautiful day in #Colorado. How was your #Sunday Funday? #PreserverSeries

  • zpmilr@samsta302 I like it. It's quite simple and rugged, which I like. :)
  • kaylee.johnsonnHope you liked the spam of likes! Proud Otterbox customer for years(:
  • smearjr_True @zpmilr I just got it for myself thx for da advice
  • kaylee.johnsonn@samsta302 the 5s perserver is specially designed so you can use the finger print scanner. And the flash would work I would think..
  • otterbox@kayleejj4 Thanks for being part of Team Otter!
  • zpmilr@samsta302 sweet! Hope you like it!
  • yuanpratamaGuys, i had received the replacement case yesterday. Thank you so much for sending. Now, i can use my 5 without worry... Back to normal now! 👍👏
  • otterbox@yuanpratama Excellent! We're glad we could help.
  • otterbox@gmo920 Thanks so much!
  • its__kadenWhen will preservers be available for the 5c
  • otterbox@kaden_deguzman We don't have a Preserver Series case planned for iPhone 5c at this time. We'll let you know if that changes.
  • sydney_jaxonnMy iphone 4S cracked on the front and back, I mean SHATTERED with the case on. What the heck!?! $60 for this piece of crap!?
  • aplateoftoysI accidentally dropped my preserver series today... I was flipping it over and over again while talking with my friends... And bump!! It flew away like i throwing a baseball. Nothing happen with my 5 and left only a little scratchy on the grip. Beast!
  • otterbox@baby__bee__ We're sorry to hear that. Unfortunately we aren't able to predict the variables in every situation.
  • otterbox@aplateoftoys Nice! We're glad your phone is well protected!
  • cibeaarI want that for the 5c, is it available?
  • tolentinojap@otterbox been using the preserver series glacier for my iphone and so far it's awesome one thing i worry about though is the case can get dirty easily and the rubber part sometimes have little scrappings in it and the back side i think is getting yellowy. Hope to hear soon on what to do thanks!
  • dylan.gallentineWhy does the iPhone 5c only have 3 cases?
  • hb.07Beautiful case
  • cibeaarIphone 5c? @otterbox
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