Another fun ideas for my followers, I got a lot of request for How To Do Cat Eyes on my FB #Fanpage so here it is.. Your eyes not gonna look any more cat like than this, ( if u do what I do for work then u know what I mean, once in a while u get Those kind of girls that #Obsessed with #CatEyes so they ask u to do it in a pushy way so u did it nice n tasteful n then they be like "No!!! Make it MORE Cat like!!! more Cat!!!! ! ( in your head u 're like, she dating a friggin cat or some shyt ??like #WTH???? Should I take the liner and start drawing cat whiskers across the friggin cheeks too??? ) and don't get me started on those matte nude tar lips people always request w the friggin cat eyes  That's so uncomfortable to wear and when u open yr mouth to talk to people there's a split difference between the inside of your lips and that opaque, lifeless almost #SherwinWilliams paint looking shyt on the lips..OK, Im done with my #HowTos this week I think..#makeup #eyes #nudelips #sexy #howto #tutorial #makeupartisttoTheStars #ImageMaker #makeup #beauty #TheyWannaBeAngelina #ButNot #Chill #GetReal #Meow #WhyNotLookHuman ?
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